sun burn -like my tattoos design style-Snap chat-a new age communicator

The modern 21st century has been revolving around numerous numbers of technological

inventions that has been making your life even easier than ever. Being a part of the modern age,

which is better known as the decade of technology, you should have got to keep your fingers on

the pulse of the latest technological inventions. The advent of techn9olongy is much, more

evident in the luxurious lifestyles of the modern people. Apart from this, modern age is more

depending upon the materialistic productivities that sometimes throw bouts of work pressure

upon your tiny head. This eventually moves you away from your closed ones, your beloveds, and

your pals. You soon fall prey to lack of mental relaxations or amusement. Chit chat or hanging

out with your closed ones, are the wonderful remedies indeed. Snapchat is the latest invention

of the mobile communication technology which attempt to make the communication even more

fun and interesting through the snap chat.

Friendship and snap chats

Basically snap chat indicates the addition of some certain pictures or recorded videos to your

cell phone communication, that immediately make the text message chatting far more jovial and

interesting. Generally, such videos or the images are better known as the snap shots, which have

the capacity to covert a dull text message into a damn interesting one. Since, today’s lifestyle

force you to get entangled into tones of workload, you find it next to impossible to savor some

times for your personal amusement and hanging iota with your pads. The solution is snapchat.

Travelling in a bus or getting crashed by the bouts of work pressure or waking up with morning

blue- everywhere you will find snaps chat as the knight in silver armor. It’s more like a bridge

between you and your near ones, which enables you to network with people, by sharing your

own photos or video etc any moment.Sun BurnSun Burn -like my tattoos design style

Adds life to the communication

If the cell phone communication is compared to the face to face conversation, the previous one

will be lagging behind, since its incapacity to exhibit inner expression!! But if you get the chance

to send a photo of your sad face or angry image, your friend will be able to understand your state

of mind, and as a whole this process make the entire chat much more lively and even more

interesting than ever.

Risks not to take

You have got to accept the power of this brainless smart app, which can sometimes trouble you a

lot with its wicked turn outs. Though you have the chance to set limited time duration, while

sending a snap and which gives you the assurance to delete the sent item within a limited time,

but still there are a lot of chances left for the recipient to get a screen shot of them. This may

cause you to fall prey to the leakage of your privet pictures.


So it depends upon your own outlook on the snap chats. If you take it positively, you will get the

best of it.

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