Snap chat can locate your recipients

If you use a smart phone you can trust the messaging app snap chat on your mobile phone as it

is compelled to manage an idealized online identity. Snap chat can locate your friends with the

help of your contact list. Snap chat allows the recipients to save the text message by clicking on

them. You can keep a track with the previous conversation always. On May 2014 video chat

was included in snap chat. This chat is only possible with the users who are constantly online to

get the flavor of video chat.


Why do people trust snap chat?

People trust snap chat in regards of its security. Some of the contents of snap chat are really

liked by people and they are having an earnest urge to share it. They are willingly accepting

the application. They love to send images of their choice to get closer with their friends and

relatives. The snap chat is a more convenient close chat as they can beef up the minute details

focused on the snaps. People can enjoy the momentary feeling with the help of snap chat. It is

not as a whole successful because of its security. People found it rather a fun to chat with snaps.


There is some ugly side of snap chat that needs to be discussed. As many of the snap chat users

are below the age of eighteen it is a matter of concern that do not get addicted to nude portraits.

Child pornography distribution could be increased horribly with snap chat. Researches show that

snap chat is not a friendly messaging app as it could ruin a nation’s back bone. Be alert of your

near ones to get affected with the evils of snap chat!

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