study room school studing-Advertisement Is The New Addition To The Revolutionary App Snapchat

Snapchat has been in news always even since it has dropped itself in the digital market. The

people who are aware of the app while have the knowledge that how the app has gone popular

in spite of a lot of controversies. The app makes photo sharing easy and fun. The security

element is the USP of the app that states that the photos that will be shared with the app will

automatically get deleted after a specific time. With this app you can share snaps, text and video

massages among your friend list. The app allows you to send the messages by setting a time

limit. After that time the snap will be automatically deleted from the receiver’s mobile. The

person who will be receiving the photo will only be able to see the photo till the time set. The

maximum is 10 seconds that can be set.

The added feature

The thing that is newly introduced in the Snap chat is the advent of advertisement.

Advertisement is the cause of business boost for all and Snapchat is not different. The

advertisement has thus become the latest attraction of the app. The people who are using the app

are thus able to see their favorite brands along with app. The advertisements are adding some

new colors to the app. The advertisement is helpful for both the parties. The person who is giving

the ad and the person who is getting it both are benefitted. The advertisement is the other name

of sharing fame. The app has secured great place among the users and thus the app has became

the lucrative platform for brands. The attention of the users of the app are being redirected or

shared by the brand that is advertising through Snap chat.Study Room School StudingStudy Room School Studing

Snapchat being the lucrative platform

The Snapchat is getting the ads for popular brands and thus it is clearly understood that Snap

chat has been able to make a place that makes it possible to become such a lucrative area for

ads. The popularity of the app is thus being acknowledged by the companies and brands that

are using this platform as the space for their advertisement. The app was first introduced by the

company based on Los Angeles around three years ago. Now it has reached such an elevated

height the even Hollywood is targeting it as the place to promote the trailers of latest movies.

There are more than 100 million users of the app and thus, this 100 million crowd is the target of

the companies who are advertising through the space shared by Snapchat.

More about the ads

The das that are being posted in the app are all of unique in nature much like the app itself. The

ads are designed by successful ad makers who knows how to make an ad interesting by offering

the product or service in the most unique and innovative way. The ads are chosen keeping in

mind the uniqueness of the app. The ads that are posted get disappeared after 24 hours just like

the apps disappear from the receiver’s mobile.

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