Government Monitoring Of Snapchat and Its Data Help Delivers Better Service-strong wind tumblr snap chat

The popular messaging app making company, Snapchat agreed to a settlement with the Federal

Trade Commission better abbreviated as FTC for the deception charges to the users of the app.

As a part of the settlement the agency can access the company’s photos. Also, under the terms

of the settlement the company agreed to be monitored by an independent auditing agency for the

next two decades.
Strong Wind Tumblr Snap ChatStrong Wind Tumblr Snap Chat

Companies getting more cautious

However, in contemporary times the different IT companies are getting more and more cautious

about FTC decrees and therefore most of them claim that they have revised their privacy policies

after thorough consultations with lawyers and privacy experts.

In the context, one need to deliberate on the deal of Snapchat with the government agency

and such deal has some deep effect on the start-up. The company claimed that its messages are

designed to disappear as soon as people receive them has led to the carefree use of the service.

The conversations in the service thus appeared to be very much genuine.

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