Stretto94-The Snapchat Photos Are Getting Leaked For Public Viewing

Snapchat has been in the news for different positive and negative reasons. The app gives the

opportunity to users send images. The image sharing app has some specialties. The app gives

you the chance to share photos with a specified time. After that time the Snapchat photos will

automatically be deleted from the mobile of the receiver. The time is set by the sender. The

maximum time limit that can be set is 10 seconds.

The messages shared in Snapchat

Thus this app becomes the great thing for people who wanted to share images as private and

personal messages. It is seen that many love pictures were being shared by partners as there was

no risk of the pictures getting leaked. The sender is assured that these images will not be there

for long and thus it only serves the purpose of fun for the time being. But here lies the greatest


The pictures are getting leaked

It has been seen that this personal images are shared in the public forum. The forum Snapchat

Leaked is sharing many images that are being shared in Snapchat. The snaps are thus being

leaked. The websites that are leaking these photos have special categories funny pictures, love

pictures, nude pictures and many more. The easy search engine gives the accessibility to the

images shared by Snapchat.




The reason Snapchat is used

My celebrities have seen the images that they have shared using Snap chat later after the

shredding process. It is true that the images are not there anymore in the receivers’ mobile but the

images are there for public viewing in different websites that has many leaked photos. Thus the

people who are using this app for personal message sharing are facing great difficulty.

The controversy

Thus the question arises of the effectiveness of the photo sharing app. This app is mainly used

by so many users of the world because it promises to be a secure and safe way to share images.

Many people have fun by sharing adult photos through this app. The photos that are being shared

by Snapchat doesn’t have the intention to go public thus the app is used. But if the purpose is

not solved and the images get viral on the internet there is a great question about the safety of the


It s not be known by the users that the people with whom the photos are being sent are using

it in a wrong way within that short span of time. Technology is for good. But it is the humans

that choose the way it will be used. The users of Snapchat have to be sure about the person with

whom they are sharing their intimate and private photos. May be that particular person is using

the technology to upload it for public viewing. Thus it completely depends upon the way the

technology is used. Rather than questioning about the effectiveness of the app one should have

question about the way in which it is being leaked. The person with whom the photo is being

shared is to be questioned. The trust and reliability of the receiver is to be questioned.

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