spring break-New feature is added in Snapchat

Hugely popular networking and sharing app Snapchat has launched a complete new feature in

their service. In the earlier stage it was basically a pure messaging service. Key feature of this

app was to share instant photos and videos. This new service adds on into a full blown- media

service. The newly added feature has the media partners like CNN, Yahoo, Vice, ESPN, and also

Snapchat’s own editorial team. New Snapchat Discover feature delivers news entertainment

content and gorgeous advertisings with it.

Beneficial aspects of it:

This new feature is designed to allow users of the app to see those contents which are posted by

the brands like CNN, ESPN, Warner music and Vice. With the help of it the disposable and

instant image sharing app is turned to be into a new direction focused on to advertising.

It also acts like a channel guide of Snapchat. The main focus is always on delivering users

advertisings. It can also be crucial to gauge its user base.

It has a long lasting effect on the user base. It is a smarter way of communication with the

younger audience. An obstacle for many social networking sites that are popular is monetization.

Websites like Twitter don’t have the access on it.

Many companies have already been using this new feature to showcase their event and

programme in it. Other companies are already using Snapchat’s Discover in several ways. For

an example, sports highlights from popular sports channel like ESPN from several sports leagues

has also been posted.

You can also buy music, movies and other products effectively. Online payments can also be

made with the help of it. Discover has opened up a whole new dimension within it. The service

which was at first based on sharing and messaging has a new feather in it.
spring break

How you can utilize the features to the fullest

With the addition of it gives the ample scope to the media publishers the ability to distribute

short and edited news clips. You can also distribute much important information. Content

distributers also can maintain the sequence of the short clip of the news or events which will

expire after 24 hours. Outside companies distribute content via Discover, and Snapchat is said to

be working on its own original content as well. It will also act as the vehicle for the

advertisements. Whatever stories are going to be featured in Discover, each of them will include

directly to “gorgeous advertising”. It will collect a huge source of revenue for the company. On

the other hand from a completely different and new angle we can also witness that it is going to

be a major media plat from too, for those companies who plans to create its own content.

The immense popularity of the app has already raised its score and market value a lot. Increasing

users promises that this is going to stay on the market for long in spite of all the controversies. The positive side promises too much to shadow all controversies in the longer run.

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