sorry for not sho-Safe and Secure App in the form of Snapchat

One of the promises that Snapchat made to its users was to provide a safe and secure

environment to communicate and share with their loved ones. Snapchat rose to fame with

this simple and easy interface. Another feature of Snapchat that propelled its popularity

is the ‘self- destructing’ trait of the photos or videos sent within a short time. However the

promises were more or less big lies because the photographs remained somewhere in their

server. To make matters worse, around 200000 photographs and other contents leaked on the

internet last October.

For the users who believed that Snapchat gave them a safe environment to share and

communicate, the leaks and the hacks are a huge shock. Young adults and teens comprised

the maximum users of Snapchat. They discreetly shared nudity, inappropriate contents. They

believed that after a certain time frame, all the contents would disappear. However, today we

all know that they haven’t disappeared. Following the hacks, lot of users have stopped using

the app. Lot of concern were raised on the viability of this app. Lot of negative publicity took

place. There was quite an outrage post leaks on the net. The designers of this app however

blamed most of it on third party apps. They completely ignored their own shortfalls on their

server which were breached.



The Takeover

In the interim, the founders of Snapchat snapped the whole world when they refused a

lucrative $3 Billion takeover from Facebook. This was a huge surprise to the internet world.

Facebook’s offer was of its kind. It is commendable for the founders to hold out to such a

mouth watering offer- all in cold hard cash. Snapchat also rose a huge funding. The funding

allowed the app makers a walloping $ 800 Million. It is clear from the holding out and fund

raising that the app makes have something more in their arsenal.

The argument now arises that what the app makes of Snapchat have in their mind. Snapchat

was subject to a takeover, they raised millions and their servers hacked in broad day light.

The way ahead

There are lot of talks that Snapchat is built on a lie. The anonymity promised is a lie.

Everything that was shared in the Snapapp servers are somewhere in their servers and can

be easily hacked. Snapchat must act quickly and redeem themselves. They need to utilise

the funding to build a strong server system which allows anonymity. There have been lot of

media attention on the founders and most of them have been for bad reasons. When Bobby &

Evan envisaged this app, they surely did not imagine their app to be hacked on such a grand

scale. What is more astonishing is that even after such a huge leak, they have decided to stop

third party app instead of securing their own systems. This has raised more uproar on the

internet world.

The app makers have come to a cross road. This is a very critical phase for the app. They

must pull up their socks and start working for the future. There is a saying that there is no

bad publicity. However, if the users don’t feel secure with using the app, Snapchat will soon

stare at the barrel and will ponder selling off to Facebook.

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