The paradox of Snapchat ads- whether they are cooler or not?-someones getting killed then

When Snapchat introduced itself in 2011, nobody ever believed that one-day Snapchat

would take on with social networking giants like Facebook and Twitter. But with time,

Snapchat has proved its mettle when it’s reported that daily 700 million snaps are sent

out and being seen in terms of videos and photos.We all know about the ‘historic’ snub

that Snapchat has given to Facebook one year ago when the revenue-less tech start-up

royally turned down the $3 billion deal from the social networking giant Facebook, and

invited the ire of many tech pundits,who not only shouted out and labeled Snapchat as

an arrogant, but also became confused that how a ‘non-elite’ entity like Snapchat can be

valued in billions.

Though already Snapchat has created an anxiety in the minds of other social networking

sites with it’s offerings, how ephemeral might be it is in nature, till very recently,

Snapchat didn’t show any interest in put ting up advertisements.During October 2014

when Evan Spiegel- the CEO of Snapchat declared in a summit in San Francisco that

Snapchat is aiming to build itself as a big and independent conglomerate. It also means

that from now on, Snapchat will be highly focused in attracting brands and making

interesting ads of fleeting nature, to exploit the milliseconds the user will give to an ad to

Someones Getting Killed ThenSomeones Getting Killed Then

But is Snapchat really suitable to place Ads right now?

On October 17, 2014 Snapchat has published an announcement in it’s site to notify

the users of United States that from now on, they will receive ads under the ‘Recent

Updates’ section of the mobile app. Snapchat also assured the users that these ads will not

be ‘forced’ in nature, as an user can choose for himself which ad to see or not i.e. the ads

are ‘opt-in’ in their types. So far, brands like McDonald’s, Taco Bell and GE have rushed

to be on board of the marketers of Snapchat advertisements. But there are some questions

that are not still very clear.

Firstly, if the ads are ‘ opt-in’, then the conflict arises that would any marketer be ever

comfortable in investing ephemeral ads that’s appeal depends upon on whether the user

will see it or not?

Snapchat or Other Social Media

Also in social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter the ads appear in the main

page and they are woven beautifully (strictly from an advertiser’s point of view) with

the main social networking experience of theuser, so that, you can’t miss any ad even if

you want to. In YouTube videos also the ads come before or at the middle of the video,

and though you can ‘skip’ it, you at least get to know what the ad is all about. But in

the ‘ Recent Updates’ section of Snapchat where the ads will be playing, it depends

upon entirely on the viewer whether they will spend few seconds on them, as Snapchat

has promised it’s target group that no ads will ever appear in their personal snaps or


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