Yahoo is investing on Snapchat- is it true?-someone needs a lot of toilet paper

Yahoo supposed to invest in a popular photo messaging app

Yahoo is now flooding with money after it sells a portion of the stake of its business in the

Alibaba group. As per the news the company is thinking to invest in Snapchat App, though

the deal is not yet finalized and no confirmation was given to the media by these companies.

If yahoo closes the deal it will be another wing in Snapchat after the service was valued at

$10 billion.

But it is said that Yahoo may not invest such a huge amount of money, after the finalizing

of the deal, yahoo will get access to Snapchat, and it is believed that Yahoo will be more

pertinent to the young generation. Most of the users of the Snapchat app are teenagers and

it’s necessary for the Yahoo to get exposure to the young generation.
Someone Needs A Lot Of Toilet PaperSomeone Needs A Lot Of Toilet Paper

The decision will be helpful for the core business

This strategy is relevant for the company to venture in the world of mobile technology, still

now Yahoo is a slowcoach in this world in comparison to its competitor Google, Facebook.

After selling a stake of the business, yahoo has gained huge success in the race of business

and that’s why now they want to invest more in the telecom industry. And according to the

experts what can be a better investment than dealing with Snap chat, as the app has steal the

show, by its leaked videos. But it is clear, that the negative publicity is actually proved to be

profitable to the income of the app. The popular image sharing app is experimenting on the

process of distributing content through its popular network. And it has already worked with

large brands, musicians and with the popular user to find out different ways for distributing


Katie Couric attended the party, thrown by the founder of the app

An annual event of media industry was held in the city of New York, and Ms. Couric

visited a small private party which was thrown by the founder of the photo sharing app. It

was disclosed by a person who is familiar with the list of the guests of that party. And this

information stimulates the news of the business deal. The telecom is looking at the date of

declaration of this deal. Katie Couric who is a seasoned journalist, is now the global news

anchor of Yahoo and was hired by Mayer.

But the representatives of Snap Chat and Yahoo declined to comment on the subject,

according to the report of The Wall Street Journal. According to the journal Yahoo is going

to invest $20 Million in this app. And they are preparing hard for the success of the deal. By

investing in this popular photo sharing app, it is supposed Yahoo wants to repeat the success,

which it gained from investing in Alibaba, a growing Chinese e-commerce company, which

became public in this year. The decision was made by the CEO of Yahoo Marissa Mayer,

who helped the struggling business.

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