Messaging apps – the new face of social networks-someone needs a lot of toilet paper 2

If we ponder upon the latest trend, then we can see that parallel to the social network sites,

messaging apps are equally grabbing eyeballs and loyalist bases with their swift features and

hassle-free communication method. And not only the common users, but even celebs all around

the world, are equally enticed with the beauty and unique offerings of messaging apps like

Someone Needs A Lot Of Toilet Paper 2Someone Needs A Lot Of Toilet Paper 2

But now, why messaging apps are the new social sites?

A social network site like Facebook makes the world for us ‘too make-believe’. Each day we see

various photos uploaded by our friends about their happy lives. Do they all seem real? Certainly

not. How much may we feel jealous about their ‘perfect lives’, we all know deep inside that it’s a

show-off. At this point, a messaging app like Snapchat makes it real for each of us where we can

show our not-so-perfect self without the fear of anyone judging them.

Also each of us tends to accumulate multiple friends each week. The more the merrier. But have

we ever paused and think that do they really belong to our ‘true friend’ categories? We even

don’t communicate a single line with many of them for months. A messaging app spares us from

this drama of adding these ‘silent’ friends. Most of the messaging apps are very privacy sensitive

where you can communicate and share with only those people whom you allow to know the

personal tidbits of your life.

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