Snapchat- growth of popularity among users and unique use of the app

Snapchat- brief history and its growth of popularity

In the twenty first century, the lifestyle of human beings has developed a lot and also become much more

socialized. In today’s world, the development of internet and easy access to it has led to a wide range of

options for getting socialized and communicate with people. Snap chat is one among them. It was just

launched in 2013, but has become so popular among the teenagers that a lot of tech companies approached

it with different offers and deals but to everyone’s surprise, they turned down the deals. The list includes

the social networking giant Facebook also. Some time ago, Evan Spiegel, the CEO of Snap chat said that

he wants to earn revenues using the same strategy as the other international messaging apps like WeChat,

Line, etc. That is very good idea according to a lot of experts. The company has also got offers from many

investors. So, the company has grown a lot and has gained a lot of popularity in the last 2- 3 years. It is also

better than many other similar apps like slingshot. It is mainly because of its unique features and the privacy

and security it gives to its users.

The various uses of the app

The main use of the app is to send and receive the pictures and post them. Apart from this, the users can also

do video chatting, send and receive messages, etc. Right after the application, it gained a bad reputation for

being used to send and receive sexually explicit content. So, the news of Snapchat leaked and Snapchat

leaked photos spread everywhere. So, as a result, Snapchat got some unnecessary publicity. But after that,

the developers decided to develop a new feature; the posts and photos will be visible for a short time only.

Then they will no longer be visible. It gave the users a lot of security. Anyways, people stopped using Snap

chat for bad purposes.

According to a recent report, Sober Lane, a bar in Ireland is giving jobs to people on Snapchat. So, that is

really shocking. The path from Snapchat leaked photos and news about various Snapchat leaked was not

easy. It required a lot of up gradations. According to Earnest Cantillon, the owner of the bar, it is a convenient

method as it is easy to apply and they also do not have to go through so many papers or job applications. They

can choose directly on the app. He also said that another advantage of this method is that the persons can be

judged better as they can be viewed doing their jobs in natural environment and so, easy to identify. It is also

better method than the CV and traditional interview as in an interview, the candidates will give their best

but if you need to know about their capability in normal environment, you need to see them work in normal

condition. It shows how much the technology have advanced and also how much popular the messaging app

has become. It is also a new and unique use of the app.

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