Use SnapChat to Promote your Creativity-social media apps -story on snapchat with friends

Have you heard of the new instant photo sharing app which is obtaining a position in the news

for last few days due to its Snapchat leaked photos? Things which are leaked online gains

popularity within few hours. But is it essential to use Snapchat only for bad means? The

inventor created such a nice app which can be easily used to serve various purposes.

social media apps -story on snapchat with friends
social media apps -story on snapchat with friends

Utilize this platform as a display case of your creativity

You can surprise your friends by painting new colors everyday at your room wall by this app.

Does this sound odd? It’s very simple; just click one single picture of your wall and paint it with

your imagination by the snapchat drawing tools. Who does not want to receive appreciation and

acclamation? Are you an adroit painter; you might have get appreciation from your friends and

relatives. But think how would you feel if you receive global acclamation? Post your pictures

through snapchat leaked site and you can get viewers attention. It will stay permanently online,

and will grab the attention of people gradually. If you are a house painter you can also utilize

this platform as well; if that image can draw the notice of the people of your locality, then your

business and demand will grow day by day.

If you create something unique that uses this site as a display case or you may help you to

teach other how to create that. Such great inventions must be used for people’s benefit instead

of throwing them to appalling path. Share your mother’s special recipe with everyone via this

leaked site. Click a video when your mother is cooking and upload it online. Then other’s people

can also enjoy the taste of that delicious dish.

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