Snapchat provide the creative minds with a bigger scope – Soakin up the Sun

Snapchat can give you the biggest breakthrough in your life. A breakthrough that you have been

ever looking for is here. This application has exceeded its limit of being just a photo messaging

applicative, it is now an open forum for creativity, a platform for showing of your hidden talent

to the world. The app snapchat has upgraded its standard and it has now the edit option and users

can edit their photos and then send them to their wished recipients.

Some points to look at carefully:

The points that should be remembered here in this case, is that you can set a time for the photos

and at that time they will be delivered to the recipients. You have to create a list first and then

add participants.

– As you are done with this you have to set the time when the photos or the videos will be

erased from the server as well as from the screen of the recipients forever.

– There is no risk for snapchat leaked photos when you are using the app as when

someone is trying to steal your photos by taking screen shots, the app will send you an

alert by default. So it is quite hard for the recipients to take screen shot or using any other

medium as to capture the image and then spread them over on the internet.

– Snapchat has launched their new feature which is called Discovery. This feature is a new

inclusion in the app. There you find a lot of channels with their news, stories and the

related photos.

– A new feature has been included very recently and that is you can now send money from

your account to another account. Now you can pay your bill with the help of snap chat.

Isn’t it a brilliant idea? You just have to link your bank account with the app snapchat

and then you can send a message to your recipient with a text of the amount to be paid

and your bill or the money will be transferred to the recipients account instantly.

Make the best out of the app:

The favorite game of the new generation is to click photos and then send them over to their

friends. And it becomes more attractive when you can edit the picture with emotions, texts, light,

colors and all. Videos can be shared too. So this one app has so many things to offer to its users.

Make the best out of them and you will be amazed at seeing to what extend human mind can

reach when it comes to innovation.

Note attached at the end:

We have come to hear the news that Evan Spiegel has rejected the offer from various social

Medias only to do something more creative and innovative for the generation and for the app.

The whole generation of today is grateful to this new application that has brought us together by

erasing the border that creates the distance between friends and family members.

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