so prettech-How Snapchat Came To Success

Snapchat has defeated almost all of its competitors by its increasing popularity. It is mainly a

photo sharing app, you can share picture, video and messages with your friends through this

social networking app. Millions of people are engage in sharing their pictures and videos with

friends through this app. The teenagers are the main users of this app. ,mainly the teens and

yoiung stars are interested in this app. A report has shown that the half of the total Snapchat

users are the United States boys and girls, and btheir age is between 13 to 17 years. This report is

quite astonishing. The popularitry of bthis apop is getting increased with time. In this year more

than 27 million people use this app, thgis number was 14 million a year before.

Promote your business on Snapchat

The featiures and servcuices ofbn the app is getting updated always. Noiw the ap hgas launched

a new service named Snapchat Discover, this service is for providing news, advertisement and

articles tro the users. for advertisement this serevice is perfect. This is a huge platform for the

users to promote their business to the numerous users throughout the world. Snapchat has

millions of users and for that the business owners and brands can reach to the million of people

tio promotre trheir business, they can easily reach to the numerous people. The app is a picture

sharing app, and for that the brands can attract ther users by using attractive piucsand videos,

tyhose are made to promopte their business. The brands can also use videos for advertising, the

Snapchat videos are of o0nly 10 seconds, abd for that they can make special videos those will

attraxct theb suers the most.
So PrettechSo Prettech

Benefits of advertising in this service

The business owners have huge benefit of providing advertisement in this service. If they

promote their brands and products in this service of Snapchat they can reach to the millions of

users in a very easy and simple way. Today most of the people use social networking sites, and

Snapchat has a huge popularity among the social networking sites. If one use this huge

advertising platform for promoting his brand and products, he must get effective response from

the users of this app.

Response from the users

Snapchat has launched their Discover service some days before and the response from the users

is very positive. Within a few days after the starting of this new service the service has got huge support from the users. Many business owners and famous brands have started to promote their

business in this service of Snapchat, and also many more top brands are to join in this service. It has got lots of appreciation from various sources and mediums. The experts have said that the

new advertising service of Snapchat will be successful, and it will go more.

Besides, the users are also benefited by getting the updates from their favourite brands. Thery

also can get information from the top brands of the world.

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