snowwhite-Snapchat Declares War on Strippers – The Naked Truth

Social networking sites are the companion of our day to day life. Uploading, surfing, searching

and sharing we are very much addicted to this. We can easily connect with our colleges, friends

and companions with the help of these applications. But it has certain drawbacks too. Hackers

are also very much active in those sites. So our privacy is getting into big danger. Most of the

sites are easily hack able. To stop the hackers this company takes some necessity steps. It is very

important to prevent them from our private moments.

The world of social networking and snapchat

Social networking sites are hugely popular among all over the world. Not only messenger or

micro blogging sites, there is also photo sharing websites too. Now a day a hugely popular

application among the youth is Snapchat. It is a photo messaging application. You can take

photos, record videos, add drawings and send them to the recipients. You can also control

the recipient list. This company’s privacy statement states that it has the capability to share a

moment with your friends very fast. You can also control how long your friends can view your

messages or photos. For doing this you just have to set the timer and then send. It is hugely

popular in United States.Attractive-HVAC-Design-For-Sophisticated-Bedroom-Decor-e1404392202837

Sharing pics- the biggest strength of snapchat

Snapchat is mainly based on sharing the photographs. So it’s very common that you would

like to share any kind of photographs with your recipients. And in this application you have the

capability to remove the sharing object after certain period of time. So apparently it is very easy

to remove what you have shared. In this application there are some drawbacks too. It is found

that this application promises to delete your personal photographs in seconds but it doesn’t doing

that. They just hiding the photographs but not remove them completely, which means the app has

still the data within it.

According to the forensic researcher it is also noticed that with the help of the right software,

hackers can easily gain the access to the photos, contacts or the personal data. Porn stars and

strippers are also using this application to share his or her naked pictures. It has a bad impact on

the society. Different age group people access this application. So if they get it with just a swipe

of the finger, it is really a matter of concern. Luckily to prevent this kind of awkward incidents

the company has agreed to take some necessity steps. In this situation the only silver lining is

that FCC ordered that the app have to be far more clear and honest. It is also ordered that the

third party applications should be removed from the main application.

In some recent incidents it is found that hackers got their hands on at least 100,000 supposedly

deleted Snapchat images. This Process is called “Snappening”. In a recently announced press

statement Snapchat confirmed that the images in question came from third party sites. So the

hackers get access to them from the third party application. So they have decided to block those

third party applications. It is also said the security and the privacy section of the application

should be increased.

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