snatch chat 4-The founder of snapchat is still firm on his silence about the feature of music

He is still firm on not to discuss the decision at the present. His company for the world’s best

messaging app is generating millions of bucks for him already. Rumor has it that he is planning

for a big move in the near future. The truth about the heresy has not still been proved but due to

the kind of works he has delivered in the past for his dear users of his genius app, Snapchat.

When the app name is snap chat then the name of the owner has to be Evan Spielgel. He is the

man of creativity and innovation. He will not stay on the same point for a longer time. And

those who know him properly will definitely agree on the point.

CEO is still maintaining his silence:

Our Mr. Spielgel is upto now add something new in the app. We come to hear that the app is

going to feature music in it. Some of the member of the company are constantly claiming that

now users will be available to add music to each image and video they are capturing. In a press

conference held recently, Evan has been asked by the eager reporters whether or not the rumor

has something truth in it. Though he did not deny it completely, he did not approve the words of

the reporters either. A dubious ambience has already created by him and by his men. None of us

is able to assume what is exactly is going to happen. We are just the ordinary ones and we can

wait merely. So we have started our counting. Addition of music sounds like a brilliant idea and

we are sure that it will be an amazing experience for all.

snatch chat

snatch chat
snatch chat

Add music to your photos:

No longer is it going to be a monotonous journey for the users to sharing images and videos.

They are going to be exciting from now on. Click photos and add music to them. Then share the

photo with the friends. Hope both of the people will be happy beyond any description. Music is

an art of life. It teaches us to live with freedom of soul. So adding music is undoubtedly a

brilliant idea taken by the company. Users will be open to listen to music when they are on the

app and busing with their happy snapping. Make your journey of snapchat a memorable one with

playing music in the background. While snapping and chatting on the app, do not forget to than

Mr. Spielgel for his sense of innovation.


Warner Music is a renowned company in the music world. And they have now taken their

business one step ahead by having signed the agreement with the app snapchat. Both of the

companies, according to recently arrived news, are very excited to give the world something so

very new and innovative. Head of the companies are reportedly being seen often to have intimate

conversations which is creating suspicion among others.

snap chat