snapshot tool and photoprint in online app store

Why you should have snap chat?

If, and only if, you do use other apps and believe in using and experiencing apps on your smart

phone, then here are few reasons for which you should have SnapChat.

• Say more: Sharing pictures and saying more, that’s what is SnapChat. By sharing

pictures instantly, you will be able to speak and express more to your friends and family.

• Because Snapchat is free: One of the biggest reason to use SnapChat is that it is free.

You can avail SnapChat from any app store and download it for free.

• You can find and add friends: Just like friendship finder Facebook, you can also find

your friends on SnapChat. The only difference here would be that, SnapChat will add

and find your friends through phone number. Apart from that, you can enjoy the benefits

of staying connected with your friend. Just use the ‘Find Friends’ features of SnapChat,

which is just like friendship finder Facebook.

snapshot tool and photoprint in online app store

snapshot tool and photoprint in online app store

• Click unlimited pics: With this app, you can click as many pictures as you can. The app

opens straight into your camera and thus allows you to click and send unlimited number

of snaps without any restriction.

• Share pics and videos instantly: By using this app, you will not have to go into your

gallery and select the photo you want to upload or share. You can straight away click and

share pictures instantly.

• No problem with phone memory: Since every picture of snap that you send gets deleted

after a fixed time period, there is no need of storing the pictures and thus consumes no

Phone memory.

• No chance of misuse of pictures: With the feature of fixing the pictured with timing

leaves the receiver with no choice, and the picture gets deleted after the time set. If they

take a snapshot, SnapChat notifies you.


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