SnapSave save-Mobile Application For Sharing Snaps And Videos

Snapchat is a mobile application which allows quick sharing of pictures, videos and captions in

the most casual way via iPhone and android phone. This app was first developed by Reggie

Brown, Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy. It is also used in mobile device through internet data

plan. Users can take videos, photos, drawings and texts, and can sent them to the contact list of

recipients in their mobiles. Users can put time limit on the snaps. So that the recipients can view

these snaps for a certain limit period after which these snaps get deleted from the devices and

from the servers also. That is, if the user set a time of one sec, after one second the recipient can’t

see the snaps in his device. In April 2014 this time period changed from one second to ten

seconds. If the recipient takes a screenshot of the snaps, that will be notified to the users.

How snapchat came into action

In July 2011 the Snapchat was lunched under the name of Picaboo, after that the name changed to

Snapchat. The mascot of this application is called as Ghostface Chillah, developed by Reggie

Brown. In May 2012, twenty five snaps were sent per second through this application and after

that in November 2012 one lac snaps were shared per day by the users through this application. It

was first used in iPhone but later that same application was developed for android phones also.

February 2013, sixty million Snaps were sent per day through Snapchat. In June 2013 Snapchat

introduced Snapkidz. Users, under the age group of thirteen years can use this app. The app

allows children to take snap and draw on them. But users can’t share these snaps and saved only

in user devices.

snapsave snap save

snapsave snap save
snapsave snap save

In July 2013 SMS conversations and documents passed through this app and also in October

2013 Snapchat lunches Snapchat Stories. When users add the snaps into the story it lives for

twenty four hours and after which the snaps will be disappeared.

In May 2014 Snapchat introduced text conversation and video chat application. The new

messaging feature allows users to send text to other users and save them. Through this application

the user can see the contact person lively and also can talk to them.

How users responded over the years

At the beginning, the user can download this app from Google Play Store for android phones,

iPhone users can download from Apple app store. Then user can create a new account by putting

the user name and password. After that the user can sent images to the contacts in his mobile

phone via this application. Users can also receive images and download to see them.

Snapchat lunched SnapCash on November 2014. Users can send money to their friends through

this app. The transferred amount get debited directly from the user’s account and credited to the

recipient’s account very safely.

Snapchat application is only used in touch screen mobiles. The good side of it is that the user can send photo and can talk to the friends and relatives staying in other states or in other countries. But in some cases users can misuse this app. Users under the age group of eighteen years sometimes share adult pictures to their friends which causes the server problem and videos, photo loading on the servers get stopped for certain moments.

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