Why you should have SnapChat App on your Smart Phone?-snapit or delete photo albums

SnapChat is growing vigorously and is almost everywhere now. You will see people taking

selfies and sending them over SnapChat. It is a common element to be talked about in all get

together. Reports also suggest that the popularity and growing demand of SnapChat has even

inspired Facebook, to work harder on its development, and come out with an app, similar to

SnapChat. In spite of being highly popular and widely accepted, you will read about negative

comments on this app. There are people who stand strongly against this app. You will often

come across such people who might ask you “why should one get SnapChat?”. To answer this

question, there are various factors that can be talked about, and explain why one should install

and use SnapChat, if you download other available and popular social networking and messaging


snapit or delete photo albums

snapit or delete photo albums

What is SnapChat:

Before we go any further on why you should have SnapChat, let us get to know ‘what is

SnapChat’ in detail. SnapChat is a messaging app, or to say more specifically, a photo

messaging app, using which user can take pictures and add text or caption and then send it to

recipient of their choice. The catch here is that the recipient can only view the item for a fixed

time period after which the snap will get erased forever. Sender can send snaps with time setting

ranging from 1 second to 10 seconds.


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