Snapchat’s new smart techniques to en-cash their immense popularity.

Social media is hugely turning its character day by day. From the passing time the characteristics of social media scenario changes. From various websites to micro blogging sites to only photo sharing applications the changes are very much visible. Now a day mobile applications or apps are the hot topic of the social media. Snapchat is the most popular all of them. It is an ephemeral type of mobile app in nature through it you can share photographs, short videos and even money to your close ones through web help. It has been claimed by the users to be the most helpful and easiest app to share not only words but also depict your emotions more prominently with their loved ones. So they choose to leave behind the old school methodology of texting and using Snapchat photo, video sharing with the help of the fun sharing app. But it is also true that on daily basis a whole lot of new arrivals of mobile applications are coming. To maintain their immense popularity snapchat officials have been updating themselves regularly. They have invented some smart techniques like snapcash, new online gallery.

What is Snapchat?

It is an ephemeral kind of mobile application which allows us to share or send numerous numbers of photographs and little time based video sharing instantly. You can send numerous numbers of photos through this fun sharing app. There is an option for the users to set on a particular time for the viewers to see the sent photos and as the time will be over, the photo will automatically be deleted from snapchat’s mother server. For doing this you just have to set the timer for which period of time it will automatically dissolve from it. One of the best aspects of snapchat is that you can monitor or set the timer for how long your shared object will show to other recipient’s phone.

What are Snapcash option and the new online gallery?

Snapchat has invented new techniques like snapcash option and the new online gallery. Through snapcash now you can also borrow money from your friend who also a member of this exciting mobile app through the snapcash option in it. To doing that you just have to have the accessibility of using debit card. For borrowing money from any friend you just have to put the debit card details and you have to have the age limit of eighteen. No other existing mobile app in today’s market has such efficient and beneficial technology for their users.

The stuffs and members of the application have tried their best and brought out a new idea. They have built an online gallery as to help those photography lovers to store their assets. Since the time the concept of online gallery has come to the existence it has become all the way easier to stock photography images. So it will be easier for the user to set the timer for self-devolvement of those photos or to save those beautiful memories through snaps for longer period on online gallery of Snapchat. It is now so easy to click photos, share with them with friends and then save it as well in your personal account. To activate the facility for you, you have to create an account in it.

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