snapchatleaked exposed 2

The important memorable history also included the approaching of the developers being

approached by the Facebook with an offer of US$3 billion which they declined they were also

approached by Google with a sum of US$4 billion, they also declined that. So, you can imagine

the popularity of the app.
Snapchatleaked Exposed 2Snapchatleaked Exposed 2

Finding friends

The steps to find a friend on the app are very easy. You just have to tap the settings sign and

then click on the eyeglass sign. Type the friends name and hit the add sign beside their name, a

request will be sent.

Another method of adding the friends is also there. To find a friend, you can also use the

AddMeSnaps application. All you have to do is install the app in your mobile. You have to fill

in the name, age and gender options and there you go, on the list of SnapChat users who are


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