Snapchat zjamieo-The New And Improved Features Of Snapchat

Marketers are in ways of finding the best way in which they can connect to the customers. For

this the social media has became a great platform that that has been chosen by the marketers

to promote the products. The communication platform that has risen in the recent days is the

Snap chat. The Snapchat is the platform that is considered to be time sensitive. The app shares

image but that is not the main criteria behind this app getting popular. The app shares image and

provide services of automatically deleting the pictures for the other mobile. The latest feature

that has been added on Snapchat is the replay feature.

The replay feature of Snapchat

Another appealing part of the app is the added feature of replay. Earlier the app was allowed t

see for a single time. The viewers had to be much focused while seeing a snap. The first that it

will disappear and the second was that it won’t be available again for future seeing. But with this

feature of replay one is able to see the snap once for replay. The replay will allow re-watching

one snap in a single day. Some have the argument that this added feature will lessen the interest

of the users to see the snap at the moment it is coming. But the other group says that the app is

allowing seeing the brand services in the replay mode that is helpful for they are not missing any

important information.


The marketing videos

The video that are sent by the marketers involve a lot of relevant data that are required to have

good attention of the users. The users have to see the services to know about it. But if the

services are not seen the purpose is not solved of the marketers. The marketers when sharing

a video through Snapchat tries to incorporate everything in a price way. Sometimes even if

the users have seen the services, they have the need to see it gain to reconfirm the avail of the

service. The app has worked on the replay part in the heath of the marketers even.

The marketers are happy

The marketers who are giving ads in the app are very much happy with the addition of this

feature in the app. No more they have the worry that the information they want to portray with

the snaps are not reaching the audience. The brand also sends videos of promotion and earlier

they had the fear that half of the information is not received by the target customers in the

onetime viewing. Thus this replay is assuring the marketers that their services are getting enough

exposure through the app.

The feature of ad

Ad is the other thing that is widely available now in Snapchat. The app is now in the way of

making money through the ads. The ads are provided in the app to attract the users of Snap chat.

The ads will remain in the app for 24hours and then it will disappear. The viewing of the ad is on

the hands of the users. The user can chose to see or ignore the ad.

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