snapchat winner and my leaked twitter-Snapchat Discover- the New Service from Snapchat

The popularity of Snapchat is getting increased day by day. In fact this app has become one of

the most popular apps in this world; it has defeated almost all its competitors by its increasing

popularity and usefulness among the users. The United States teens are more engage in this

social networking app to share their picture, video and message. A report says that the half of

the total Snapchat users are the United States teens, aged between 13 to 17 years. This report is

enough to declare the popularity of this social networking app. Almost 500 million snaps get

shared by the users, everyday. This amount is huge in comparison with the contemporary other

social networking apps.

Snapchat Discover- the new service of Snapchat

Snapchat is busy in updating its features and services. Actually the app is now engage in creating

more updated services for the users. And as a result the app is starting their new service named

Snapchat Discover. This service will provide news, advertise, articles etc. to the users. Wall

street journal in a report says this that Snapchat is going to launch this new service. For this new

service the Snap chat authority is now engage with various companies, to convince them.

Snapchat has started talking with several TV networks, and also with various magazines and

news papers. Various brands are also interested in promoting their products and brands in this

huge platform of Snapchat. Snapchat is talking with Vevo, National Geographic, ESPN, Hearts

(Cosmo. Mag.), BuzzFeed, the Daily Mail etc… But the Snapchat authority has denied making

any comment about their talking with those companies. Those companies are also not interested

in making any comment about that.Snapchat Winner And My Leaked TwitterSnapchat Winner And My Leaked Twitter

Snapchat’s new policy

Within a very short period the Snapchat app has got a huge popularity. And the authority is

trying to use this popularity and for that they are starting this new service for their users. The

teenage brands are more interested in promoting their brands and products in this wide

advertising platform because most of the users of this app are the teenage boys and girls. Some

food and cosmetic companies are also interested in promoting their brands in this app. In fact this

will get more popularity. Some sources say that the app is going through the right track to get

more users. This service is unique. The users will get more facilities by this service. They will be

able to be updated all the time by this app. Various brands are about to promote their products in

this app, so, the users will get to know the new products of their favorite brands, and they can get

those along with using this app in their own purpose. This is a huge facility for the Snapchat


Snapchat is updating their features and services all the time, they also provides new services for

their users, to provide them more facility. The Snapchat Discover is such a useful service by the

Snapchat to its users; this will get more popularity among the users.

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