Snapchat : @Vrodancer-The real mechanism behind snapchat’s disappearing photos revealed!

All it took was a serious allegation for snapchat to spill the beans behind the so-claimed

disappearing photos. That fact that photos from the app, which are supposed to be deleted

automatically after they have been viewed, can at all be stored by a third party app, where from

they ended up being ultimately leaked by some hackers, confounded users all over the world.

The fact that users had begun blindly trusting the application even though it has had a shaky start

in the market showed that the app was on the right track as far as attracting users is concerned.

The blatant violation of the privacy of the users has caused the FTC to rain down heavy duty

charges upon the owners of the application, causing another troubling controversy for snapchat.

Revealing the truth to avoid charges

In order to settle the charges against them, the creators of snap chat took upon themselves to

explain elaborately the mechanism behind their famous feature in which the pictures shared

through their app keeps self-destructing themselves. This in turn explains the theory behind

leaked snapchat photos. Firstly, it explained that when a photo is deleted within the app, it so

happens that the particular photo has only been erased from the app specifically, not from the

respective device of the user. Hence, there remains every possibility that some third-party

application may be used to enter the database of snapchat to extract photos before they have

completely been erased from the host app. Secondly, all the users were severely misinformed

when it comes to the term that they would be immediately notified if any of the other

applications try to use any of the pictures that are exchanged through snap chat. It is solely due

to the lack of information given regarding the digital process behind these disappearing nature of

the snapchat pictures that has led to such a mess both for the app as well as for its users.brown-contemporary-family-roomSnapchat : @Vrodancer

Snapchat finally owning its mistakes

Even though it was pretty clear that snap chat was clearly at fault when it comes to protecting its

users’ privacy, it managed to time and again put the blame on third party apps and get away

without making any apologetic comments about the entire fiasco of the leaked snapchat photos.

However, it is only when the FTC brought it into an inescapable legal clasp that the master

minds behind the app finally decided to own up to their mistakes. Under serious pressure, the

creators have recently released a statement informing the public that they are ready to amend

their mistakes by starting an independently monitored security program that will be strictly

enforced in the near future so that such mishaps can be prevented.

Is it too late?

While the application seems to have finally learnt the error of its ways and is ready to take all the

necessary steps to prevent any inconveniences hereafter, the important question to consider is

whether it is already too late to rectify all the reputations of innumerable users that have been put

at stake.

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