Snapchat tricks which you still do not know of

Snapchat tricks which you still don’t know of
[contentblock id=1 img=adsense.png] Wow, so many exciting features in Snapchat which will make you leave all other phone applications and stick to Snapchat forever. Yes guys, it is new in the market but being new in the market did not made this phone application to struggle in the current market and why so – due to its new and exciting features which you will not get in any other application.

Knowing about Snapchat

Snapchat is a phone application which allows you to avail the facilities of messaging and online chat as well as sharing and uploading photographs and videos in the various social networking sites. Also it has some great new effects in store for you through which you can give a customized looks to the pictures before sharing it in social networking sites. Snapchat is available to you very easily by means of Google Play, Apple App for iPhones and also for windows phones.

Along with picture effects you can also put any text in the pictures or making scribbles or drawing on the pictures easily and very conveniently. No guess what is the cost of this new in town, amazing application? Snapchat is absolutely free people. Yes, it is too good to be true but well, it is true – Snapchat is completely free of cost which makes it available to every person and every citizen of United States of America.

Snapchat tricks which you still do not know of

Snapchat tricks which you still do not know of

Shhh… Secrets of Snapchat

There are loads of secret tips and tricks of this fabulous phone application which you all are yet to know. Being new in the market most of the people are not much aware of this application. But don’t you worry as now you can know all the secret features, tips and tricks of Snapchat by just scrolling your computer mouse downwards.

Who is your best bud?

The first and most unique feature of the Snapchat application is that you can find your best pal or anyone else’s best buddy through this application. Isn’t its marvelous? You must be wondering how! By means of implementing this secret method you can find anybody’s best buddy in just a few seconds.
[contentblock id=1 img=adsense.png] Go to your contact page and click on the name of the person whose best buddies you want to know. By clicking on the name of the person you will see the name of three people below his or her names. These three people are the best buddies of that person whose name you have clicked as he interacts with these three people on the highest level, sending and receiving messages, texts and pictures.

Customize your friend list

Yes it is absolutely possible to customize your list of best friends in Snapchat. Unlike other phone applications this photo messaging and sharing application offers its users’ cool and unique features which will make you go weak on your knees. You can find the settings tab on your Snapchat account by entering this application. There you will see that you can add a total of seven of your best buddies. Hence you can select the best friends from your contact list and arrange them according to your wish on the list.

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