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There are two very important things that have taken over the world by storm with the advent

of smartphones. The first being, taking pictures and the second being, chatting over instant

messaging services. The four year old startup that has now become a multi-billion dollar

company simply combined these two into one small and neat package called Snapchat.

Getting started:

What started off as a class project, under the name ‘Pacaboo’, turned into one of the most

popular instant messaging services that the world had ever seen. First launched from

Spiegel’s father’s living room Snapchat eventually gathered over two hundred million users

in both iOS and Android, this application has certainly turned more than just a few heads,

including the likes of the ones on the necks of IT biggies like Facebook and Google.

In November 2013, Spiegel, much to the tech community’s surprise turned down an offer

made from Facebook to acquire Snapchat for around three billion dollars. Spiegel later

explained his decision about not giving up the company by stating that very few people in the

world get to build up companies from the ground up. He was not going to let go of his dream

that easily. Later there have been rumors about Google offering a billion dollars more than

what Facebook offered with the same results, though.

snapchat technical support and customer support contact - halp ipod or sign up iphone
snapchat technical support and customer support contact – halp ipod or sign up iphone

How does it exactly work?

Well, Snapchat is a fairly simple application, with a very clean and simple user interface. In

order to send snaps or videos through it, users first need to click a picture or record a short

length video and then embed text on over the snap or the video. The next thing to do would

be to set a time limit ranging from one to ten seconds, for which the recipient is allowed to

view the snaps that they receive. This is the single most important feature that set Snapchat

apart from the rest. The ability to send temporary texts and snaps. A fairly simple feature but

somehow never before implemented in any other app.

Then and now:

Snapchat has certainly come a long way from when it first launched, all thanks to their

development teams pushing out updates to redesign the app every now and then. The latest

game changing new feature to the app would be the ‘discover’ feature. What this feature does

is sends you news in the form of snaps from different editorial teams from big names in the

media industry like those of ESPN, Yahoo, CNN etc. A very innovative new feature which

might eventually change the way we consume media in the future.

The verdict:

Snapchat is here to stay for good whether anyone likes it or not. From where Snapchat is

now, it’s only looking bright and sunny for them. What they could do though is create a

version for use on a browser somewhat like what a few other instant messaging services did.

That said, they probably know what they are doing. So, what you waiting for?! Start snapping

and chatting!

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