Snapchat is a messaging application with wonderful features.-snapchat search username -spiegel

Snapchat can be used to click, edit and amend pictures, online chatting and messaging facilities,

adding special effects to photos, take video clips, all of which are easily downloaded on laptops

or desktops or on android enabled mobile phones or iphones. All this has resulted in exponential

growth of snapchat usage in last eight months with its user base moving to over a 100 million as

of date.

snapchat search username -spiegel
snapchat search username -spiegel

What happens to the pictures

The sexting feature of snapchat pictures has been under contention as the pictures don’t really

disappear the way they appear to do ,to the non tech savvy customer. Many leading review

groups and magazines claim that Snapchat pictures do not really disappear. They are stored

in the server and are not really deleted, but only hidden. They are easily available for retrieval

by correct software or by hackers. This point to a great loophole in snapchat security policy

claims leaving it susceptible to scandals. When mobile devices are recycled these hidden photos

– without encryption protection pass on to third party users and could result in outrageous


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