How secure is Snapchat?-snapchat pics leaked chating free chat apps

Surely you might have come across fake posts or false remarks on this app, making it one of the

most unfriendly and unreliable app, but before you get to know the reality, understand what they

talk about. Almost all the negative comments or reviews of SnapChat also agree that this app

has beautiful and amazing features. But still, to survive the competition, lobbying is done, which is influencing customers with wrong remarks and reviews about a product. This gives rise to many questions in a users’ mind, and one of the biggest question they often ask is ‘How secure is this app’?

To answer this question, one will have to understand various features and functions of this app. Let us take a glance at the features of this app:

Snapchat Pics Leaked Chating Free Chat AppsSnapchat Pics Leaked Chating Free Chat Apps

Snaps get deleted: The snaps that you share on this app, gets deleted from the receiver’s

phone as well as from the server as well. The company has publicly announced this feature and

constantly takes the stand on it saying that any snap which says its deleted is deleted forever and

is not stored in the server.

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