Snapchat owner talks about tech bubble

Snapchat owner, Spiegel has never felt the necessity to explain his investment decisions to the

public since most of them have been successful. One of the glorious examples of this in the

recent times is of course the addition to his app called snapchat Discovery. In the Code

Conference held a week back, when he was asked the reason behind the fearless investments of

people into various sectors, he owed it all to an ongoing “tech bubble” that is making more and

more people take the leap of faith and invest their money into commercial businesses.

What is a tech bubble?

Tech bubble, as described by Mr. Spiegel, is an influx of monitory resources among people

which people are not afraid to invest in fields such as hedge funds, startup companies and the

stock market. The reason as to why people are not thinking twice before pouring their hard

earned money into businesses that involve quite a bit of a risk is because of the remarkably low

interest rates that are on offer nowadays where the above mentioned companies are concerned.

However, this so-called tech bubble is a temporary phenomenon which is not likely to become a

permanent phase, any soon. Hence, the liberty that people are taking advantage of nowadays, of

investing off their money with any new company in the market with an uncertain future is soon

going to be snatched away from them when the current economic condition turns for the worse.

However, that phase is yet to arrive and till then, Spiegel says, that people might as well make

full use of the tech bubble that has opened up numerous arenas for experimentation for

businessmen. Even he himself has gone ahead and proposed a merger with an e-commerce

company dealing with quick and modern way of shopping online.

How to make it permanent?

One way that people may ensure that when the tech bubble bursts they don’t go down along with

it is to make their investments not the end but the means of expanding their respective

businesses. Snap chat owner Spiegel is surely making a lot of quick and big investments lately

but he is doing so to reach goals which would otherwise have taken him years to reach. Just like

his new venture snap chat Discovery led his company to enter into a tie up with some of the

most famous brands across the globe, his proposed entry into the world of e-commerce is no

different. Apart from keeping his app interesting for people by introducing new add-ons which is

surely going to be a hit among teenagers who love to online shop, he is also trying to maximize

his brand power by inviting all the top brands who showcase their products online to sell through

the startup company he is investing into. This does not only ensure another inlet for revenue

income but also pave way to diversify his app and expand his target audience. Hence the people

who are not drawn to chatting or exchanging pictures will also consider downloading his app due

to the chance of shopping online.

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