snapchat on app store, on play store, on iphone, update iphone-The brief of the Snapchat-the new age tool for comunication

The teen age is the most important phase of human life. It is the pivotal point of life, when the

children experience the rapid physical growth in them, which intensifies their realization to

consider themselves no less than of the adults. But the excess domination of the flying hormones

ant the enormous persuasion of the impulse, lead them to embrace the utmost zeal of creating

their own private world. The craving is the first sign of their demanding freedom from the elders.

The modern technology has supported such bohemian spirits of the teen hood. The result of the

tribute is the advent of several numbers of gadgets that are brought especially to meet the needs

of the modern generation children when it comes to eulogize about each of the inceptions of the

modern technology, the total discussion will just go in vein without saying something about the

snap chat. The craze of snap chat is going high day b day. The buzz of it is specially brewing

amongst the young teenagers, who have found it the best way to do fun to the fullest. Have a


What is snap chat?

Snap chat is an instant photo messaging app, which is allows to send an image or a video clip or

a picture to anyone. Basically, the mobile phone chat s though the only way to communicate

nowadays, but sometimes the lack of chances to express the inner emotions on a proper and

lively way, make the entire conversation pretty dull. These communicators lose their zeal to

communicate anymore. This causes people to move even more away from their closed ones. But

the advent of the snap chat has though become capable to remove this stigma to some extent,

The sent picture or the recorded videos are mainly known as the snap shots the attachment of the

snapshots make the chat far more interesting as well as lively. This encourages the young

children to share their thought, emotions or sentiments almost directly to their near and dear

ones. The snapchat is that app which has finally allowed people to express their own pictures or

any recorded video clips via the platform of cell phone.

snapchat on app store, on play store, on iphone, update iphone
snapchat on app store, on play store, on iphone, update iphone

The risks

There are lots of boon that one can get from using the snapchat communication nowadays. But,

like any other technical inventions the snapchat too have some risk factors that can ruin the

peace. Since, the app allows people to attach their own photos or video or messages and send

them to any particular recipients, the risk for the leaked snapchat remains lurking under the sheer

cover of the entire glimpse. Though , one can set the time and then the recipient can only view

the snapchat screenshot for a very limited of time, but still there is a chance of downloading that

footage remains available to the recipient always. This scope may call on the fatal consequences

in someone’s life.


But, one thing must be remembered that the snapchat screenshot is borne out of the human

sensibility and intellectuality. Hence, a person, with proper sense and basic ethics, will never

allow such things to go about. Hence, the proper counseling is needed for the teens which will

correctly make them aware of such fatal consequences.

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