Snapchat Norway-NEWS Service of Snapchat has got a Positive Response from the Users

Along with sharing photos, videos and messages now the Snapchat users can get news update

from the app. This social networking app has been starting new services to provide more

facilities to the users. And for that they launched their new service Snapchat Discovery.

Through this service the users get news update along with so many other services. Within a few

days after its launching the service has got a huge response from the users. The experts are

thinking that the popularity of this social networking app will increase more by this new service.

NEWS service in Snapchat

The news service from Snapchat which has been launched in this month, has got a very positive

response from the users. In fact this is a very unique service from the app. Now people can get

various types of news in this app. Every genre of news is presented in this app by various news

organizations. So, the users can get the news of their interest. Every types of news are presented

there to provide the users more advantages. News are very important part of civilization, it is

very helpful to know more and to be updated. So, this service from Snapchat is a very helpful

and important service for the users. various news companies, TV networks, magazines and news

papers are providing news in this service; and there are also more organizations those are about

to join in this new service of Snapchat. Snapchat has engaged a lot of celebrated news

organizations those are giving their service in this social networking app. As there are all types

of news, the users can get according to their wish and interest.

Snapchat Norway

Snapchat Norway
Snapchat Norway

Use of Snapchat

Mainly the teenagers are interested in using this app the most. Some share their private objects

with their friends through the snaps of this app. The naked images, adult pictures and adult

videos of the Snapchat users’ get shared in this app. There are also some dirty female Snapchat

users who share naked images of themselves with their friends through this app. No age

restriction is mandatory for using this app, and any picture can be shared with the users. For

these reasons the app is of high interest for the young generation.

Popularity of the app

The app is very popular since its origin. This popularity of the app is getting increased day by

day. The total number of Snapchat users in this year is 27 million; this number was 14 million in

a year before. More than 500 million snaps get shared everyday by the users. This is the

popularity of the app. It has defeated almost all other social networking sites.

The new services of the app are enough to make Snapchat more popular. The news service of the

app has got a huge response within short days after its launching. The users are also very much

benefited by this service, as they can be updated through this unique service. The news providing

organizations are also very interested and more famous organizations to join in this service.

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