snapchat New Zealand-Reasons behind Snapchat’s Moving into NEWS Business

Snapchat has become the hot cake among the users since its origin. Comparatively this social

networking app is not very old and within short days of its origin it gas gained a huge response

from the users and soon after this response turns into the popularity. This app has defeated

almost all social networking sites through its users and popularity. The reason behind this

popularity of the app is its uniqueness. Even today the app is gaining more popularity, and the

big social networking sites and app have taken Snapchat as their strong competitor. How the

number of total Snapchat users is 27 million that was 14 million in a year before. And the

number of snaps those get shared everyday by the millions of users is more than 500 million.

These reports are quite astonishing, and for a new app like Snapchat it is a sign of huge


Snapchat has taken many new services

Snapchat is trying to utilize this popularity, for increasing their popularity they have taken many

services like news service. Everybody knows the importance of news. News has a very effective

role in the life of human for knowing more about the recent incidents and also to be updated.

There are many things to know in this world and the news is the only medium to get them. And

for those reasons Snapchat has moved towards the news business. They have taken this news

serviced for the users to provide them more facilities. Now a person do not need to go for other

apps for getting the news, he/ she also does not need to watch TV news or newspapers, because

everything now is in Snapchat app. A person will get everything in this one app.

snapchat New Zealand

snapchat New Zealand
snapchat New Zealand

Huge response for this service

This service has got a huge response from the Snapchat users within a few days. The news

providing organizations are also more interested to provide news in this app. The users are very

much interested in getting the news service from this app as they can be updated by this service.

There are many people who search news through various sites and apps, but those people can get

that news only by using this app, along with communicating with the friends through this social

networking app. Response from the news providing organizations is also very good and

effective, there many more organizations are about to join in this unique service of the app.

The teenagers are the main users of the Snapchat app. They share their private pictures with their

friends. Some share their nude images and adult Snapchat videos with others. The main purpose

of the Snapchat app is to share picture, video and message. And those new service has added

some extra spice in this app. There are more services those have got added like text chat and

video calling. And all those services are very much important and effective to gain a huge

popularity. Experts say that those new services of Snapchat will make the app more effective.

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