Snapchat names-Facebook has Not Given up to Defeat Snapchat by the Clone App

Since its origin Snapchat has defeated many social networking sites and apps. Millions of users

are brooding over this app only for its unique features and services. It has got a huge popularity

by the users within a very short period. The total number present Snapchat users is 27 million, it

is turned from 14 million of the previous year. Mainly the teenagers are more interested in this

app. A report shows that the half of the total Snapchat users is the teens of United States of 13 to

17 years. The users share more than 500 million snaps every day. This number is quite

astonishing for a new social networking site like Snapchat.

Facebook’s new policy to defeat Snapchat

Sources disclose that the Facebook users have been getting decreased after the origin of Snapchat

and this is the reason of increasing popularity of Snapchat. Not only Facebook, Snapchat is

gaining the users of various social networking sites and apps. Facebook has made a clone app of

Snapchat; it is like Snapchat for its features and services. The name of this clone app is

Slingshot, but this has not got a huge market like Snapchat. But Facebook has not lost hope for

competing with the Snapchat social networking app. They are taking more ways to defeat the

popularity of Snapchat.

Snapchat names

Snapchat names
Snapchat names

Snapchat refuses $3 billion offer of Facebook

Facebook wanted to buy Snapchat and for that they gave a proposal of $3 billion to the Snapchat

authority. But the Snapchat authority did not pay any heed to this proposal from Facebook.

Snapchat is not interested in selling. They are more interested in updating their app by improving

the features and services. After that Facebook has decided to make a clone app of Snapchat.

Those attempts from Facebook are showing that Snapchat has become a very strong rival and it

is gaining their popularity.

Use of Snapchat

Millions of people are busy in using this app… Mainly the teenagers are busy in this app the

most. They are busy in sharing their intimate photos, nude Snapchat videos etc… those new

generation teens are more willing to communicate with their sexy friends through this app. But

those explicit objects are often get leaked by the Snapchat hackers, and thus the privacy of the

millions of users gets disclosed. There is no age restriction for using this social networking app,

everybody can use this app for communicating and sharing snaps. No restriction is also there for

sharing snaps, any object can be shared in this app with the friends.

Snapchat is getting updated with lots of new services and features. Snapchat Discovery is one of

them. In fact this service from the app has got a huge response from the users after its launching.

And this is a positive sign for the service and also for the app. Text chat and voice call facilities

also are included, and all those have made the app more popular. But Facebook is busy in

competing with Snapchat and for that they are experimenting new services.

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