snapchat mike hagen-Yovo- a New Rival to Snapchat

Snapchat is an application for photo messaging. You can take photo of your special moments or

some nice things and share it among your friends through Snapchat. But Snapchat has its rival

too. Plano company launches a new ephemeral application named Yovo which is just like

Snapchat, you can share pictures and messages with your friends, can share your happiness with


Snapchat and its hacking

Many a time teenagers and minors use Snapchat and share pictures; sometimes they share their

private photos and nudes photos too, with their reliable friends. But it is claimed that those

private pictures are often circulated in other website by some third party. The senders get

shocked when they see the sent pictures of very private moment. Thus the users are being

violated by some hackers, who are circulating somebody’s private photo for some money or for

other reasons. Many teenagers faced such problems. Though Snapchat is not responsible for this

type of hacking, the app doesn’t allow such thing. Snapchat was designed to share photos,

videos or messages for some seconds, but somehow the hackers are able to store those pictures.

The senders are also responsible for it, this is a social app to share special moment but the users

often sends their extreme private moment’s pictures or even nude pictures, they are exposing

their nudity to their nearest ones, and third parties are taking it as an advantage.Snapchat Mike HagenSnapchat Mike Hagen

New app Yovo

But Yovo is safe from this type of hack like Snapchat. Yovo does not preserve the pictures in

the server, it allows the pictures and messages to disappear automatically, and it does not allow

its users to take screens shots. It allows its users to share time based contents with their friends

across various Social Medias, like Twitter and Facebook. Yovo prevents its users from taking

screen shots. So, Yovo presents a new way to share more private and memorable pictures with

friends. It is also safe for the users from being hacked; users don’t need to worry about their


Use of screen shots

But many people share pictures of some lovely objects, some memorable moment, even some

share pictures of some crime and which should be kept, and for that screen shot is needed.

Some videos are very much important and they must be stored. Snapchat allows its users to

store those videos but Yovo does not allow it users to do so. Contents cannot be saved in Yovo,

so, you cannot preserve the special moments share by your friend. You also cannot find those

pictures or messages after some time even though they are very much important to you. So,

some user thinks that Snapchat is more helpful than Yovo. But in the question of security Yovo

has raised its position before Snapchat.

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