Snapchat me!-Snapchat’s Worth Matters a Lot to its Users

Snapchat is a popular photo sharing app; it allows you to share pictures, messages and videos.

The objects, shared in snapchat app are called snaps. The users have to select 1 to 10 seconds

for the duration of his snaps. Receiver will able to view this snap only for this selected seconds.

After that selected duration the snap will be disappeared automatically from the app. Sometimes

the users share their intimate pictures, love pictures, private images etc and often this causes the

snapchat leak. Hackers take those snaps and spread on various websites. The users get shocked

when they see their private objects in other websites.

Popularity of Snapchat

Snapchat is getting popularity day by day; in this year the total snapchat user is 27 million,

which was 11 million in the last year. People take this social networking app as a strong

communicating medium. Half of the total snapchat users are teenager; it is more popular among

the teenagers. A report says that the United States teens, age between 13 to 17 years, use this app

most. They often share their private pictures with their friends, and those snapchat pictures are

hacked and causes snapchat leak. The teens are those who share their nudity in this app and as

the obvious result they become the victim of the snapchat leak. Those users are forgetting their

purpose of using snapchat app. The app was created for sharing emotions by pictures, and for

entertainment; but it is being used in a totally wrong way by some users.


Features of Snapchat

Snapchat does not allow its users to stock photos, the images or funny messages will be

disappeared. It was the policy of snapchat, when launched the app. Now there are some third

party app is available and those app allows the users to take screenshots. And by taking

screenshots the user can store any snapchat object he/ she want to. SnapKeep, SnapSpy,

SnapBox are those apps who allows its users to take screen shots. Experts say that those third

party apps are responsible for some snapchat leak.

Snapchat authority accuses third party apps

The snapchat authority says that their server was not hacked, those third party apps are

responsible for this incident. They accuse Snapsave and Snapsaved. com for this. But both of the

company denies this accusation, they say that they even do not use the user name and password

of the snapchat users. But some sources claims that the hacking was done, hackers were

succeeded in hacking Snapchat’s server. And thus they have got a lot of snapchat private

pictures and adult objects.

Snapchat hacking

Hackers spread those private images and videos in many websites and the privacy of the millions

of users has been disclosing. People fear to use this app as they think it allows child porn. And

this has reasons too; we can see many snaps containing child porn. Some users share those adult

snaps, and the hackers are insisted by those snaps. As a result we see snapchat leak.

Users should use the app with responsibility as it is a social networking app. They must be

careful in choosing friends in this app.

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