Small introduction of discover feature – Snapchat me football

With the introduction of Discover, Snapchat is no longer just an ephemeral photo sharing app,

through this feature the app took an important step into business, its first major update was not

related with messaging. The most talked about update of Snapchat included a repertories of

channels where the media associates can share ranges of photos, articles and videos- with the

users of the app. Snapchat announced that the feature is not akin the other features of a social

media as it does not believe upon the traditional clicks and share method. The company is

instead emphasizing upon bringing it out as a tool to aid bolster the Snapchat users’ creativity.

Discover is different as it is created to exhibit the creativity as per the blog that was written by

the company. They built this technology to serve the art. Each of the editions adds full-screen

videos and photos, spectacular layouts as well as magnificent advertising.
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Associates of Discover channel

The discover tab is adjoined to the contacts menu. At present there are channels for more than 11

media associates such as Cosmopolitan, Comedy Central, CNN, ESPN, Daily Mail, and National

Geographic, Vice, Food Network, People, Warner Music and Yahoo News. A “Snap Channel” is

also included that are supposed to be curated by the app with the posts from the other content

creators. Channels that are updated with latest edition are systemized in magazine like flipboard

option. Each of the board retains the concise sample of the actual, greater piece of the content

like a text summary, video clip or photo.

How to use it?

Swiping down the preview will lead the users to take deeper look into the main story, and left

swipe takes you to the next item. Each of the channels also has their own advertisements as well

as sponsored content intermingled throughout, however you will be able to skip through the

advertisements like you skip any other page, so they are easy to avoid. The versions themselves

are well-crafted, though attributing them art would be an instance of subtle flattering, the editions

may bring out the brand’s articles and videos into a more graceful format that will be pleasing to

the eye, however the content itself is not much diverse than what you would demand to find on

the company’s own Twitter feed or Website. However there is no other way to share the

published content of Discover, outside the app, though you can simply copy and paste the text

section and even the photos and none of the contents exist in the brands’ other websites or social

media page. It is also important to point out that the feature is still now not so perfect, as

sometimes the videos are time-consuming to load or failed to load and even forced to crash the

app in some occasions while working at the channels. Though most of the companies face the

issues of bugs in their updates, but the Snapchat are working to iron it to retain the interest of the

feature among the users.

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