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Snapchat Is Working In Removing The Wrong Reputation

Snapchat was long in the bad books due to its involvement of teens in the wrong ways. The

app has been leaking the photos and the leaked photos included explicit photos. According

to reports 50% of them were of teenagers and thus the app was accused to lead the teenagers

in pornography and sexting. There are reports in which the developer of the app, Evan Spiegel

has stated that this app is not the right way to send photos that are inappropriate. The developer

has announced thus in a press conference and teenagers are requested to take this comment very


The smart messaging service of Snapchat

Snapchat is the app that has gone very popular for its messaging services. The app has promised

to send self destructive messages. The sender of the photo can fix a time limit after which the

app will destroy the image permanently. The time limit can be set up to 10 seconds. These texts

and the images shared by the app are known as snaps. According to the developer around 350

million of snaps are shared between the users of Snap chat each day. The app gives a short

lifespan of the massages sent and thus it has been chosen as an easy and safe way to use it to

send some pictures of people that are naughty. The app might have fallen into wrong hands and

now used for many wrong purposes.

The crowd of Snapchat is to be broadened

The developed has stated that a person receiving the pictures is taking Snapchat screenshots

for personal use. The developer has also stated that it might be the hackers who are in this

process of getting Snapchat pictures leaked. There is a real difficulty in knowing who is the

person that is breaking the trust. The people who are not qualified enough to be trusted are doing

this job to harm the reputation of an individual. Due to this the security factor is questioned

about the app. The app has been in the bad records mostly due its involvement of teenagers in

this leaking of explicit photos. The adult crowd is to be attracted even in the app as stated by the

developer. In spite of all the bad words the appeal has not lessened. The developer has stated that

he is doing his part and has been snapping his mom lately. The company is also giving a large

world of computing to the users. You can take photos with the phone and send it to anyone you

want with Snapchat. With the app, after few seconds the shared moment gets deleted.

Snap chat is on the wrists of the users but it will soon show the face when the photos get leaked.

As the photo gets leaked the user will have to face the consequence. The photos are being spread

like virus in the leaked photos website. Thus the next time you are sharing your photo through

Snapchat just think once about the safety measure.

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