Snapchat me – Is snapchatting safe for teenagers?

Science has both blessing and curse. Today is the age of technology, which is purely based on

science and new inventions of this field. But there is a very thin line which distinguishes both the

blessings and curse. So it is very much important to emphasize on using the science benefits or it

will completely boomerang. Social media also has both beneficial and devastating aspects in it.

So you have to be very cautious while using it. Mobile apps are the new kid in the blog.

Snapchat is the most popular mobile app of recent time. But from the coming time of this photo

and video sharing social app, it was surrounding with a whole lot of controversies. Snapchat is

also surroundings with lots of controversies from its beginning. So a general question is arising

hugely, is snapchatting is safe for the teenagers?
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Why such questions are arising on the use of social apps:

It is a fact that social networking sites have both benefits and drawbacks in it. So you have to be

very cautious while handling these types of social media platforms. Recent study shows that

most of the users of this ephemeral kind of social media app are teenagers and young adults. You

can’t ignore also the fact that young adults and teenagers are using these types of app not always

in a good taste. So with these drawbacks hackers or pornographic agents are trying to distract

them from their innocence. Snapchat is one of the best social media app used in smart phones

but the privacy content is lying in a very thin line. Hackers are very much active to hack your

private moments. So to prevent it you just have to be very cautious.

Controversies around snapchat: The most exciting aspect of snapchat is you have the full

authority to delete your shared snapchat photos or videos after a certain period of time from the

recipient’s server as well as from the mother server of snapchat. But some incident reports that

hackers can easily grab those personal pictures and those are completely not dissolving from the

server. Sexting the term is very much related with this ephemeral kind of social media app. In

mobile phones we often write it down short messages for our close ones and send it, this process

is generally known to us as texting. But sexting is deals with vulgar images offered and shared

through the mobile apps. Pornographic agents are offering these types of nudity to teenagers by

taking money from them. It is a real matter of worry. Because their innocence is losing very fast

and it is also a real threat to the society. It is a fact that parent or guardian can check their son or

daughter’s phone all the time. But snapchat officials emphasizes on not to wear short dresses

while clicking snapchat images or to share any of your private information or photographs with

any stranger. Only by this you can prevent such kind of unwanted incidents.

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