Snapchat making big deals in the market for hot teen

Now that the social media is part and passel of our lives, the app developing companies are

making them more attractive. In return, with the popularity the companies are trying to make big

business deals and simultaneously providing the primary amenities of such an app. Snapchat is

one of the leaders in the pile of the social media apps and they are making their business strong

from the word go.

Snapchat was an app that was started to serve the purpose of a small section of CEO’s

university friends, but soon this app got popular among the mutual friends and they got attracted

towards the app because of its great features tally which includes the very new vanishing nature

of the messages transferred after a stipulated time of maximum ten seconds.

This vanishing app of the modern generation has just made its business background a little

stronger in the recent era, with more leading companies like Yahoo and leading media giants

looking to invest in the wings of the app.
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Investment sectors

Snap chat hasn’t changed too much is primary function department of app, with minor skillful

changes in the secondary department section. The app has motivating itself with huge

investments from the media conglomerates all over the world. With the recent development of

the discovery section in the app, which includes news, entertainment beats like movie trailers and

etc. In this section the app has gained a huge profit, for which the app was able to shows the guts

of rejecting 3 billion cash bid made by the most popular app in the similar arena.

Apart from that the company is setting up new related wing into the market for which the app

might get a huge investment from Yahoo as well. These investments are in talks seeing the huge

popularity of the app and its target audience.

Reason behind the investments

Any large amount investment doesn’t come without any real motive. And mostly the motives of

this investor depend on the popularity or the target audience, which are a significant factor in

case of the Snap chat app as well. And when the purposes are served righty the app gets

investment, which helps them to grow bigger.

Mostly kids and teenagers are attracted towards this app, as they have less time to socialize. And

the vanishing nature of the app is so very eagerly taken up by them, because this vanishing

nature within such a short stipulated time span will not allow anyone to track hold of the

messages that were send to the receiver.

To sum up

There are thousand social media apps that are trying to spread its petals in search of providing

facilities and getting popular among the mass. In return this will help them to get the most

needed investment. And Snap chat is such an app that has made this dream a reality with more

than twelve media conglomerates deals in talks. This is what proves that the app is heading in the

right direction of getting fruitful future returns.

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