snapchat login sign in into free-Snapchat Has Defeated All its Competitors by its New Services

Snapchat is among the top social networking sites in this planet. The usefulness and the helpful

features of the app have made it so much popular among the users. In fact from its beginning it

has defeated most of the other social networking apps. And this is only for its huge popularity.

Even the popularity of this app is getting increased more with the days. And the app is engaged

in updating its features, for providing more usefulness to the users. And in the previous month

the app has launched its new and useful service named Discover. And the feature has got a

positive response from the Snapchat users.

Snapchat Discover- new service from Snapchat

Snapchat has launched its new service Snapchat Discover. People had waited much for this new

service from this app. In fact most of the media were busy for last one year for this news. The

news was first published by Wall Street journal. They had disclosed that the popular picture

sharing app Snapchat is going to start a new service named Discovery. After a long waiting, atlas

the service has been started by the app. People are very much enthusiastic about this new service

from this famous app.

snapchat login sign in into free
snapchat login sign in into free

What is the new service?

This new service of Snapchat is like an online magazine. The main purpose of the service is the

circulation of news, stories, advertisement, articles etc… Now the users can get the news update

in this social networking app… Various popular news organizations are interested in providing

news in this social networking app. Some have joined with Snapchat to provide news, some are

about to join for this purpose. One of the main purposes of this new service is the advertisement.

Various brands and business have taken this huge platform as the advertising medium. Millions

of users take Snapchat as a medium of communicating. And for that the brands and business can

reach to the most of the users in a very simple way. Mainly the teenage brands are interested in

providing their advertisements in this app because most of the Snapchat users are the teenage

boys and girls. Many news network and TV channels have already joined with this social

networking app.

The app is hopeful about the popularity of their new service. The response from the users is very

positive, and this is a good sign for the app. But the Snapchat pictures and videos are getting

hacked by the Snapchat hackers. The users share their nude pictures and love pictures with the

friends. They also share their nude selfies with the other Snapchat users. And for that the hackers get insisted. And they are succeeded in hacking the server of the app. The users often get

shocked when they see their nude pictures in various websites. But this is not the purpose of the

app. The users need to be more responsible for using this app. They need to be responsible even

for choosing the friends because there are some friends who takes screenshots of the private


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