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Share your naughty moments

It is reported that by using this funky app a guy took Selfie in a prohibited place and was sharing

it with his friends, but few moments later he was caught up by a guard as the guard had noticed

him from a distance, the guard asked for the phone, and to his great surprise the guard could

not trace a single photo. This is the fun fact about Snapchat that the photos are automatically

removed after few moments and no one could trace its existence. You can also do some

mischievous fun activity and share it with your friend. But please never do anything which can

hurt or harm someone, then the ‘fun’ from the ‘fun activity’ will be omitted.

snapchat login online live help support chats

snapchat login online live help support chats

Often your friends delete your photos from their phones, it’s not because that they do not love

you or do not give you enough attention it’s just because they try to create some space (not

between you) in the memory card. From now on share your present activity, feeling with your

friends all the time by sending photos, and they will not get irritated or bother about memory

card’s storage capacity as it does not accommodate any space in the storage, but if your friends

take a screen shot then it’s up to him or her.

One of the users took a sweet revenge through this app. Once her best friend shared her one snap

among the friends when the girl was looking ugly, after that she did the same with her, but the

girl was not as mean as her best friend. She shared it via Snapchat app, hence everyone laughed

at the picture but as Snapchat does not allow saving, no one could manipulate it for further

mocking, she set the time limit so that no one can get the time to take a screen shot.


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