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SnapChat: Hacked, Leaked & DDOSed

This app is used to send 750+ million photos & videos a day. It is very popular in youngster

to flirt and hook-up. It got worse when its database got Leaked and hacked.This brought huge

embarrassments for users and the company itself, after all there first motto should be to protect the private life of these people. With series of SQL injection queries the hackers could even spill-out name, contact number & addresses of millions of users. This posed the threat to the privacy of all teenagers. SnapChat quickly patched all security holes and there was news that SnapChat appointed new security research team after this incident to avoid such kind of mishaps in future. Few days after this incident, hackers exposed another vulnerability in the app, by flooding many messages per second they were successful in making End User’s IPhonefreeze and crash. As there was no threshold limit set in the core of the code, they were successful in launching this attack. They also patched this very quickly.
Snapchat Leak Find A Number To Power Text Chat ChatlinesSnapchat Leak Find A Number To Power Text Chat Chatlines A platform to share your moments, memories with the world

Isn’t it’s a great idea, to share the fun that you’re having with yourself, with your relatives,

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Snapchatleaked is arena where people upload their snapchat memories and funny moments so

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Through snapchat screenshot they can capture those moments so before they vanish in air and

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