Snapchat Leak- a Headache for Authority and also for the Users by banter

Snapchat Leak- a Headache for Authority and also for the Users

Snapchat app is a popular photo sharing app, by using this app the users can share pictures,

messages and snapchat videos. For sharing a snap one has to select a time span, it can be

selected from 1 to 10 seconds. The person, to whom the snap is sent, can be seen this snap only

for this selected time. The snap will be deleted automatically from the device after this selected

time. This feature is the most helpful for the users. For this the snaps cannot be stored in this app,

and this feature is very safe for the users of snapchat.

The using of Snapchat

As the snapchat app allows all the users to share anything they want, the users and even the

minors share explicit pictures, intimate snapchat videos with their friends. Sometimes the users

share their love pictures and naked images in this social networking app. And all these

pictures often get spoiled by the snapchat leak; those very private pictures are often disclosed in

front of the whole world. The users get shocked when they see their intimate pictures and private

videos, which they shared in this app, are now disclosed to the whole world, their privacy has not

remained private any more. They can’t believe their eyes.

Snapchat and its hacking

Snapchat hackers are succeeded to hack the server of the app, and thus they are taking a huge

amount of information and private pictures from there. The explicit objects and adult videos,

those shared by the users, are now in the hand of the hackers. Those objects has been spreading

immediately in a huge rate by the hackers, they are doing this for money or for momentary

pleasure or for some other reasons. Snapchat hackers did a huge snapchat leak called The

Fappening, and this time they disclosed a lot of adult pictures and videos, and there were some

celebrities’ private pictures also in this huge leaking. But now the hackers have threatened again

for a huge snapchat leak named The Snapping and this time they can disclose 200,000 pictures

and videos. Some sources report that The Snapping could be even more dangerous than The

Fappening. This is not new for snapchat; hackers are engaged in hacking the snapchat for several

The third party apps

But the snapchat authority claims in Twitter that there server was not hacked, some third party

apps are responsible for this thing. They have claimed two third party apps for this, those are

Snapsave and But the two companies have dismissed this claim of the snapchat

authority. They say that they do not use the username and password of the snapchat users.

There are a lot of third party apps those allows its users to take screenshots from the snapchat

app. By using those third party apps the users can take any pictures they want from the snapchat.

So, the users can easily store the adult contains, what their friends shared. And they also often

spread those pictures in various websites for various reasons. Thus the snapchat leak has been

increasing day by day.

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