Snapchat – Knowing all about this new in the market phone application

Do you want to know how and by whom this fantastic phone application came into existence? The concept of Snapchat was originated from a person named Evan Speigel along with Jonathan May. The people using this application can easily take photos in which they can insert text and also drawings, record videos and upload them in the social networking sites easily and also can send the videos and pictures to a limited list of people in their contact lists. The name Snapchat was derived keeping in mind the photographs along with the videos which were sent and they came to be known as Snaps.

One of the best features of Snapchat is that the people using Snapchat can set a specific time limit as to how long the snaps sent by them can be viewed by the people whom they are sending you. By recently the Snapchat developers made the range from 1second till 10 seconds later than which the already sent snaps will be hidden and vanished from the receiver’s phone and along with it they will be deleted from servers of the Snapchat.

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