Snapchat Is The App That Is Going To Stay For A While

Snapchat is a video messaging app that allows you to send pictures and videos. It was created by

the then Stanford University students Evan Speigel, Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown. Using

these app users can send their pictures, videos and text and drawings to a controlled list of

recipients. Snapchat users can set a time limit as to how long they want their snaps to be viewed

by their friends. As of march 2015 the time limit allotted by the Snapchat Company is that of ten

seconds. After the expiry of these ten seconds these snaps get disappeared from the recipient’s

phone and then later on get deleted from the Company’s server also. As per reports of the

Snapchat organization users were sending daily 700 million of photos and videos, while the

Snapchat stories section was viewed 500 times per day daily. This means that half of the photos

around the globe were taken by the Snapchat. The Company has a valuation of $10-$20 billion

depending on the sources.

Snapchats Interesting Features:

During the viewing period it is obligatory that the viewer maintains a contact with the touch

screen of the phone. The sender of the snaps will get a notification if the recipient has taken a

screenshot of the snap. Running the Snapchat application on an emulator will bypass all

restrictions. After the expiry of the fixed time period the snaps will get deleted from the

recipients device and then from the company’s server. However as on May 09, 2014 the

Company’s bloggers responded about the retrieval of the Company’s images. Snapchat can

locate the users friend’s from the user’s friend list or contact list. Research conducted by the UK

have said that that half of the 18-30years age group users have responded positive about

receiving nude pictures, while 67 % people have received pictures of in appropriate poses and

gestures. The”My Story” feature of Snapchat allows the users to make videos of them and

telecast them streaming on Snapchat. These montages can be viewed unlimited times for a period

of 24 hours.

Deletion Of Snapchat Accounts:

Sanpchat has deleted a number of Snapchat accounts used by the students of the Arizona State

and the students of the University of Maryland. These students mimicked the story structure in

that many users had access to the account information and could upload content from their

smartphone. They were primarily composed of pictures of sex scenes, bong hits, nude pictures

and could possibly face a permanent shutdown for that purposes. The misuse made by the

students was a result of the unchecked usages of the internet. Nowadays people don’t think twice

before leaving their children at the mercy of the internet. They feel that they are making their

children tech savvy. But unfortunately that is not true. The unlimited exposure of children to this

app world is robbing them of their innocence at a very young age. Researchers have already

warned that if this problem is left unchecked the children of our generation and the upcoming

generation will mature before they should. And there would be no innocence left in them.

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