Snapchat is all again in news with its new feature

Sometimes it seems Snapchat has made it a habit to stay in the headlines of the news, hence after a regular interval it reappears in all the online and offline news portals. A month could have hardly passed and again Snapchat has emerged into the newspapers.
Snapchat has become another name of controversy. But that does not imply that it has always come into the news for bad reasons, very often they also come into the news for their innovative features. By enlarging their expansion Snapchat has become successful to enlist their name into the most used, most popular social media apps of 21st era. While discussing about Snapchat with the mouthpiece of this young generation a thing has become clear to me, most of them nowadays prefer Snapchat over Twitter and even Facebook. Though the fact as first seems to be quite surprising to me, but while thoroughly checking its features the doubt has just gone. It is attracting the young people with all the latest as well as meaningful news resources, with time the developers are just alleviating the standard of the features. And the tech-gurus have admitted it that all of the features are just astounding.

Change has been brought into the hold-to-view feature of Snapchat

Recently the developers have omitted a distinctive feature from the phone. From now on, the users are free from the hassle of holding the finger continuously on the screen in order to view the videos that are posted by their friends. A single tap will be enough to view the videos and you can rest the finger as well. People who were new in this app, often got confused with that hold-to-view feature, probably as a solution to this they have introduced this new feature as a replacement of that hold-to-view feature. And hopefully the novices will no longer face any challenge to understand the feature of the entertaining app. But the tech-experts are suspecting that it may show a potential drawback as well. As the users do not need to hold the screen anymore while watching the videos there is a chance that they will pay less attention towards the streaming videos. Through it is just a matter of time to view the result of this latest alteration.

To attract the older audiences initiative has been taken

But as they are now associated with more advertisers they need to make this change to attract the older audience, and to expand their span of users. And due to this very reason they are trying to make the operations easier. Otherwise it will hard for the app to stay into this popular position as they are now. And hopefully by bringing this change they will be able to attract more advertisers and make them realize that now Snapchat is growing up to be as a platform for showcasing the products or services that are associated with the older audiences. Moreover now it has become easier to add new friends on this app.

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