Snapchat is again in news for miscellaneous reasons

A new app has been launched that is designed for iOs, named as Beet. And it is supposed to be emerged as one of the biggest contenders of Snapchat. In last few years Snapchat has become biggest resource of entertainment. Through the hard work and dedication this social media has to the highest summit of success, starting with zero Snapchat has given hard competition to the already established social media apps. And this success has come only because of their advanced and unique features. Due to the huge popularity of the app it has become more or less impactful while it comes to advertising or articulating any message. Considering the popularity of Snapchat before his announcement on presidential candidacy Chris Christie posted an image on Twitter and Instagram with the help of his Snapchat handle.


Chris Christie is on Snapchat now, for political reasons obviously

He started using this app in the course of the campaign trek throughout New Hampshire. Snapchat users who are the followers of Christie now can also access the snap story of Christie, this story is about 3 minutes long and displays glimpses of his sojourns across the state, communicating with the voters and addressing and greeting the audiences after every speeches. Christie is the 14th GOP candidate who makes an entrance into the presidential race, and he is in the 7th position from both parties of aisle that joins Snapchat. Like the other social media app candidates are also using this tool for articulating the all the information about their vote campaigns, that allows the users to post videos, photos and story that exist on the news feed for a few moments. And after that disappeared automatically, therefore like Facebook the users do not need to see again the old posted news or pictures. Thus they are always provided with fresh content and it keeps them engaged towards the app. And it is one of the prime reasons behind the popularity of the app. Hopefully in future this app will come with many more stupendous features to astound the world.
Nowadays no one has the time or patience to go through the daily newspapers and they have also deserted the practice of surfing through the news channels daily hence the candidates are taking the help of the most effective media that are Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat.

Apart from its features Snapchat remains at news for the juicy affair of Evan Spiegel

Apart from that, Snapchat was in news in recent time for another salacious reason, according to a news source Evan Spiegel the cofounder of Snapchat were spotted with Miranda Kerr, they were seen at a restaurant, located in California. Reportedly they were making out at the bar corner. Miranda is an Australian model who rose to fame as Victoria’s secret angel. Previously it was also reported that Spiegel has dated Lucy Aragon who became famous for TV reality show. It seems controversy does not want to go away from Snapchat as well as its founder.

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