Snapchat in distinctive plot of news

Snapchat has been a social media app that is always in news because of both good and bad

reasons. Since, it is one of the most used apps among all the similar apps in the market, the

security arrangements of the app also have to be up to mark to avoid negative talks.

But due to popularity of the third party apps in the market the application’s security

arrangements were doubted by experts. Not only that, the USP of the app was vanishing nature

of the send media or text files through its server. This could avoid have further tracking of

messages, but due to the lapse of the security arrangements these text and media files are posted

on various website on the internet.

This has created a big cry among the users of the app, because the media or visual files of

various weak moments might be out on the internet and they might have a face loss. But due to

this the fan base of the app is not seeing any downward graph. The teens are still addicted and

trusting on the vanishing nature of the app.

Reasons for its newsworthiness

The pictures, voice messages, texts or videos that are send through the server of the app reaches

the sender. And after messages are being viewed by the receiver, they will automatically

disappear from the receiver’s log of messages. This unique feature of the app has made news and

the app spread in smartphones like bonfire. But this USP point of the app became the cause of

security lapse:

(1) Snapchat was in news off lately because of the lapse of security arrangements, and the

reason depicted behind that was the usage of the thirds party apps instead of original

updated version of the app.

(2) Teens especially thought that this app will not allow you anyone to track hold of the

messages, but when they got the news of security lapse they were in dire straits.

Snapchat’s popularity in the market attracted many investors and many similar apps like

Facebook, who is indeed a media giant in similar arena made a huge bid to buy this app. But the

management team of the app was strict no to sell the app so easily. And this again made big


Off lately the app has also included new specific section like a discovery section, which is one of

the sections that had a blend of news and entertainment and for that section too, big media

conglomerates are having talks with the management team of the app.

To sum up

Apart from performing similar functions like a general social media app does, Snapchat’s

vanishing nature has made all the news for bad and good reasons. Snapchat leaked messages on

various websites made news and so the users of the app were in dire straits. And on the other

hand this vanishing nature of the app also brought such a huge user base which has attracted

many investors and made its way in the 1st lead of newspapers.

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