snapchat iceland 3-How Snapchat Gained The Limelight Over Time

From its very origin Snapchat has gained a huge popularity. It has defeated almost all its

competitor social networking sites and apps. Snapchat is a social networking app and it is in the

genre of picture sharing apps. People use this app for sharing their pictures and videos and

messages with their friends through this app. Millions of people are now engage in using this

app. The app has gained so much popularity within short days after its origin and it is only for

the usefulness of thee app. The whole generation is now rushing with this new generation app,

almost everybody is busy now in using Snapchat to share their feelings with special friends.

Use of Snapchat

The objects those get shared in this app are called the snaps. Here inj this app the users share

images, videos and messages as the snaps. The snaps are with a very important and interesting

quality that is the disappearing feature of the snaps. You need to select time for the snaps, you

could select time from 1 to 10 seconds for the snaps, and then the snaps are ready for sharing.

The receiver will be allowed to see the snaps only for this selected few seconds, after that the

snaps will be disappeared automatically from the app. The receiver will not be able to store the3

snaps in the device. Some users share their private objects as snaps. They often share their body

pictures, nude images and explicit Snapchat videos with their special friends. Some also do hot

communication with their sexy friends by this app. There is no age restriction for using this app,

anybody can use this and is also allowed to share any pictures and videos. And for those the app

is getting more popularity day by day.

snapchat iceland 3

snapchat iceland 3
snapchat iceland 3

Popularity of the app

The app is one of the most popular app in the world. And the popularity of it is getting increased

day by day. In the last year the total Snapchat users were 14 million, and this amount turned into

27 million in the present year. More than 500 million snaps get shared by the users of this app

every day. This is the popularity of the app. The valuation of the app now is more than $19

billion. And for such a new app like Snapchat it is quite astonishing. The app is updating its

feature and services to provide more advantages to the users. And thus the usefulness of the app

is always getting increased. Snapchat is gaining even more new users. Experts are saying that the

uniqueness of the app is the reason of its increasing popularity, it this popularity must be

increased day by day.

As the popularity of the app is getting increased the popularity of the app is also getting

increased. The app once refused $3 billion offer from the famous social networking site

Facebook, and it was very meaningful. Now this high amount valuation of the Snapchat app is

showing that the app will go more.

snap chat