The next most popular social networking app-snapchat how to find friends mobile app chat

The General Habits Of The People

In the 21st century, people are more attracted to the electronic world and turning out to be

more and more virtual. They are more and more attracted to the electronic virtual world and

spend most of the time on the online social networks and checking out the notifications rather

than mixing up with people face to face. Among the top sites where most of the people spend

their times are Facebook and Twitter. The secret about their popularity is that they always

wanted to give the users the best features and advantages. They went on adding new features

and did enough market research to find out the needs of the users. Another thing they did was

to keep the thing simple and not adding too much of the features which were not interesting.

So, here they are with such a lot of popularity and so many users all over the globe.
Snapchat How To Find Friends Mobile App ChatSnapchat How To Find Friends Mobile App Chat

The unique yet simple features

Anyways, talking of the other features as the app is not a mere photo sharing app there is

a feature of video chatting and also texting. Isn’t that cool? It has turned out to be more

of an all in one app. The result is also clear in the form of the increasing popularity of the

app. Right now, the number of users has crossed 100million and the number of snaps or

the snapchat pics and videos that are sent have crossed 400millon per day. Well, that’s a

huge number. You will be surprised to know that it has surpassed the sharing activity of

the other famous sharing mediums like Facebook and Instagram. So, they are well on their

way to become famous like Facebook or Twitter or Instagram. The developers also did not

imagine such an extent of popularity for the app. It was developed mainly as a class project

and started its journey. The main reasons behind the success are the developer’s sensible

approach as they did not junk too much features which were not necessary.


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